How can you know for sure
if Muhammad was a real Prophet sent by God ?

Now finally, New eBook reveals the answers to

The Three Questions that Arabs asked Muhammad

The Arabs at the time of Muhammad wanted to know if he was a true Prophet or not.

They asked him three questions to test him.

The Authentic Hadith tell us exactly under what circumstances these questions were asked and what these three questions were. The questions and the answers that Muhammad gave are in the Quran. The Quran clearly mentions - they ask you 'such and such question' - say 'so an so' and gives the answers.

In the eBook, you can read and understand exactly what the questions are, what the answers are and what the circumstances were when the answers were given.

What is in the eBook ?

The eBook, narrates from authentic Hadith what the questions were and the answers given to each of the three questions from the Quran. This information is already available in Islamic tradition. What makes the eBook Unique is that it narrates the events in a sequential dialog fashion in a way that has never been done before.

For Example, in the answer to one of the questions, the Quran says in the same verse "there were three ... there were five ... there were seven ... None knows except a few" - no scholar of the Quran has given an explanation as to why the Quran gives different numbers, but this eBook shows exactly what must have happened and explains this in a unique way which makes it perfectly logical and understandable as to why the Quran is giving different numbers.

Even if you already know what the three questions are, and even if you have read every scholar explaining the answers from the Quran, this eBook is guaranteed to improve your understanding about the three questions because it deals with the verses from the Quran in a way that has never been done before by anyone in history. After reading the explanation in the eBook you will definitely agree that the unique explanation provided is obvious, clear, logical and elegant. You will wonder why no one ever explained it this way before.

Muhammad's intention behind Jihad

When Muhammad told his followers to perform Jihad, did he mean a non violent spiritual struggle as some Muslims point out ? Could it be that the rulers who came after Muhammad reinterpreted the word Jihad as war only for their own selfish gain and to motivate the Muslim armies ?

The answers to the three questions will make this crystal clear. After reading this eBook you will know for sure what Muhammad's intentions were when he prescribed Jihad.

Scientific Approach

The scientists of the modern world tell us that we should look for proof before we believe anything. The Arab scientists of the time of Muhammad also must have had the same approach and they wanted to test Muhammad. So they asked him three questions. These are not stories invented by later generations because the questions and the answers are found in the Quran itself.

Today the same questions are even more relevant for us because Muhammad is not living with us any more. We have to see the answers provided by the Quran to people who doubted Muhammad, so that we ourselves can be free of our doubts. No matter what your belief, you can trust the scientific approach to give a conclusion that cannot be doubted. In the same way, when we examine the answers in the Quran using the scientific approach, we can come to a logical conclusion that cannot be doubted.

How much is such a certainty worth to you ? When I was seeking answers, I would have traveled to any part of the world and spent all my wealth to reach this kind of certainty that I now have after having examined the answers to the three questions as given in the Quran. You are fortunate to have found this eBook that can finally give a concrete answer to the question of Muhammad's legitimacy. Do'nt miss this chance, Order Now.


Everyone who wants proof to know for sure if Muhammad was a genuine messenger of Allah will find all their doubts answered once and for all after reading this eBook.

 — Saleem Khan

Yes! I want to Know if Muhammad was a true Prophet.

I want to download, read and understand the answers to the three questions that the Arabs asked Muhammad. That is why I am taking action now.

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