Here is your Opportunity to See with your own eyes ....
The Original Quran which is the source of our Modern Quran !

The Golden Quran

The Golden Quran that is the source of our Modern Quran

Written in gold-leaf Arabic letters of kufic script of the time of Muhammad, this Quran was probably made in Iraq before 800CE and is the only known complete example of its kind.

This was acquired by an American named Johns Hopkins in a 1942 bequest. Although the real value of this Quran cannot be determined by finite means, its material value at that time was $1.9 to 2.9 million.

Turkish officials asked that the quran be returned after it was displayed at Baltimore's Walters University Art Gallery in 1997. In 1999, the Johns Hopkins University returned this volume of the Koran to the Republic of Turkey to be reunited with the second volume in Nuruosmaniye Library in Istanbul.

The Arabic of that time did not have dots and dashes so it may be difficult to read, but Casting your eyes on the ancient pages of the original text; that was the source of the quran we read today, is a sublime experience that you should not miss.

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