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How I found Freedom from Jihad

I was born in a devout Muslim family. My parents prayed 5 times a day and forced us children to do the same. My father had a long beard and never left home without a Muslim cap on his head. If someone in our family fell sick and the doctor prescribed a medicine, we would have to make sure that there was no alcohol in the ingredients before we consumed that medicine.

The path of a Mujahid (the one who practices Jihad) was wide open before me. I went to an English school in the morning and a Madrasa (Islamic School) in the evening. I memorized many chapters of the Quran as part of my training.

When I was still a teenager, I was forced by my father to commit a murder in the name of Allah. I have written a detailed account of this horrifying experience in the first chapter of my eBook that you can Access when you click the "Get My Ebook" Button.

As I matured, I saw the that the Mullahs and Politicians were using Islam to control and fleece the gullible Muslims for their selfish ends. I started wondering What part of Islam is made by Man and what part by Allah. Gradually over a period of decades, I moved away from those parts of Islam that were made by man and only followed what I considered to be the true and straight path.

I found the peace and wisdom through which all fear of death and hell totally disappeared. No, I did not convert to any other religion, rather I realized the core truth that lies behind every religion.

As I mature further into the final phase of my life, I am inspired to share my freedom with others, to do my part in rescuing humanity from the grip of violent Jihad. That is the reason I have written the eBook that you can read on the next page.

 — Al Khidr

What is in the eBook ?

The 'Freedom from Jihad' eBook shows how to convert Fear to Love, And how to move from Greed to Gratitude.

The eBook reveals the reason why good people get trapped into the ideology of violent Jihad, why it is wrong and how we can be free from it.

In addition to clarifying the misinterpretations of the Quran that support Jihad, the eBook shows how we can rely on the speaking Quran within our Hearts, that knows that violence is wrong.

Whether you are a Muslim or a Non Muslim, this eBook will empower you to deal with the problem of Jihad faced by both Muslims and Non Muslims in different ways.

You will find answers to all these questions in the eBook

  •   What does the Quran say about the Crucifixion of Jesus and Why ? The Why is much more interesting than the What !

  •   Does the Quran say that Muslims should not take any friends from among the Jews and Christians ?

  •   Does the Quran really order Muslims to "Slay the Unbelievers" ?

  •   Does the Quran direct Muslims to pray 5 times a day facing the Kaaba in Mecca ? The answer to this question will really surprise you.

  •   How many wars Muslims have fought with Non Muslims and How many wars Muslims have fought within themselves ? (Which Number do you think is Bigger ?)

  •   How many different Muslim Sects do we have today and how they differ from each other ?

  •   The Authentic Hadith report that only one in 1000 will go to heaven and only one sect out of 73 Muslim sects will go to Heaven. Which is that one ?

  •   Which is the Fastest Growing Religion on Earth and Why ?

  •   Why Muslims Demand Sharia Law ? Is Sharia Law based on the Quran and Hadith or is it formulated to suit the selfish agenda of the rulers ?

  •   How are the rights of Men and Women different under sharia Law ? And Why this Difference ?

  •   What is the Solution to Religious Extremism ?

  •   What is the Three Step Action Plan that both Muslims and Non Muslims can take to stop Jihad Dead in its Tracks ?


The Freedom from Jihad eBook should be made "Required Reading" for every Muslim as well as Non Muslim who is affected by the ideology of Jihad.

 — Saleem Khan

Yes! I need Freedom From Jihad

I want to download, read and understand what Islam really says about Jihad and how to stop violence in the name of Islam. That is why I am taking action now.

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Bonus Material

The Golden Quran that is the source of our Modern Quran

Written in gold-leaf Arabic letters of kufic script of the time of Muhammad, this Quran was probably made in Iraq before 800CE and is the only known complete example of its kind.

This was acquired by an American named Johns Hopkins in a 1942 bequest. Although the real value of this Quran cannot be determined by finite means, its material value at that time was $1.9 to 2.9 million.

Turkish officials asked that the quran be returned after it was displayed at Baltimore's Walters University Art Gallery in 1997. In 1999, the Johns Hopkins University returned this volume of the Koran to the Republic of Turkey to be reunited with the second volume in Nuruosmaniye Library in Istanbul.

The Arabic of that time did not have dots and dashes so it may be difficult to read, but Casting your eyes on the ancient pages of the original text; that was the source of the quran we read today, is a sublime experience that you should not miss.

You can download and view all 430 pages of this oldest golden quran as a bonus gift, when you signup to receive the "Freedom from Jihad" eBook.

P.S. This information has never been revealed before, Some devoted Muslims may be offended by it but the truth has to be told to stop violence in the name of Islam.

P.P.S. Be a part of the solution by learning about the true face of Islam, we cannot afford to postpone this critical moment any longer, Click on Get Ebook now.

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